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Cash Management

Payment Manager

Enhance access to your ACH payment data.

Our Payment Manager solution allows you to securely and conveniently access ACH data on  your Old National deposit account. This information can help expedite posting receivables, maintain your ACH origination files and give you a deeper look into your ACH payments and receipts.

When you have a new report available, an email alert will come to you with a link to open your report. Reports are secured in a password-protected, secure website – helping safeguard your information. We offer a variety of report types, available in text, HTML or PDF formats. 

Available reports include:

  • Electronic Data Information (EDI) reports or data files for inbound CTX items
  • International ACH Transaction (IAT) reports for inbound ACH items originated outside of the US
  • Addenda reports on other inbound ACH items
  • Notice of Change and Return reports on ACH transactions you originate from your Old National account


  • New report alerts are delivered directly to your email inbox
  • Easy-to-use reports make deciphering ACH data simple
  • Flexible report types and formats give you increased control over how you receive and manage your data

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