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Cash Management

Reconcilement Services

Reduce manual processes and save time.

Account Reconciliation

Quickly and efficiently reconcile your monthly statement with Old National’s Account Reconciliation services, so your company’s accounting staff can focus on other tasks.

You can choose from a variety of automated options:

  • Partial Reconciliation - an electronic file of checks paid 
  • Full Reconciliation - an electronic checks paid file plus a report of checks outstanding
  • BAI2-formatted account statement

Deposit Reconciliation

With Old National’s Deposit Reconciliation, you may use a single account for deposits, tracking the deposits by location using our online banking suite, BankConnect™ Plus. You’ll save time in reconciliation and reduce the expense of maintaining multiple bank accounts.


  • Improve accuracy
  • Automate the reconciliation process
  • Improve overall accounting efficiency
  • Simplify account management if you have multiple locations


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