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Merchant Services

Gift & Promotional Cards

Keep your customers coming back for more.

Gift cards have replaced paper-based certificate methods for a variety of reasons – they’re less susceptible to fraud, are easier to track and manage, and have multiple uses. Gift cards hold unused balances to encourage future purchases, or can help subsidize a customer’s larger purchase – adding more revenue to your bottom line.

Start Simple or Go All-Out

We offer various programs1 to help get you started.  From a low-cost basic program to test out the service to a fully-customizable card program with all of the bells and whistles, we’ll work with you to pick the best solution.

More Than A Birthday Gift

Gift cards can be used for direct mail campaigns where you can track how much business results from your marketing efforts. Try that with print, radio or TV ads.

They can be used to give store credit as a part of your refund policy, keeping the dollars in your business. 

You can cross-promote your business with nearby shops, using the cards as a “plastic coupon” to increase traffic to your store. 

Simply put, gift cards are much more than a present stuffed inside a greeting card.

Online Management

Using MerchantConnect Premium, track your outstanding card balances and usage statistics, providing an easier way to reconcile your card program activity.


1. Credit and debit card acceptance service is required to enroll in Elavon Gift Card program.

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