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Security Center

Online Banking Security

Protecting your company's information

Old National employs a variety of tools and processes to help protect your information when you are using either of our business Online Banking solutions. We also monitor to identify and prevent evolving threats.

Access Controls

Session Time Out

When you are logged into Old National Online Banking, your session will automatically time out after a period of inactivity to reduce the risk of others accessing information from your unattended computer. 

Date/Time Stamp

Every time you sign on to Old National Online Banking, we display the date of your last banking session. This helps you to be aware of any unauthorized account activity.

Old National System Security

  • Firewalls - The computer servers that run Old National sites are protected by numerous firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access to our network. We monitor these firewalls to prevent security breaches. Our online applications also use a system of filtering routers and firewalls, which form a barrier between the Internet and the internal bank network.
  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology - Using SSL technology, the connection between your browser and our Online Banking is encrypted, protecting it from unauthorized viewing. It also provides trusted third party verification that you have connected directly with Old National.
  • 128-bit Encryption - When you access your account or perform transactions through Old National Online Banking, the information transmitted is protected by the highest standards of encryption. This means any data transmitted, including your password, is changed into unrecognizable characters that would be worthless if intercepted by a hacker.

Reminder: The browser your computer uses (such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) must support 128-bit encryption when you use Old National Online Banking & Bill Pay.

PLEASE READ: Information security best practices continue to change and evolve. Accordingly, Old National may update its security measures used to protect your account from time to time without updating the information in this Security Center. In the event there is any inconsistency between the information contained in this Security Center and the agreements in place covering your account(s) with Old National, the agreements shall control.

Additional Authentication Layers

Learn about enhanced security with each of our business online banking solutions.