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Security Center

Secure Communication

While Old National uses technology such as firewalls, encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) technology to protect your information, we must also rely on our clients to communicate with us in a secure manner.

Sending us secure messages

Within our Online Banking, we provide an option for sending us messages securely and privately. Once you are logged in to Online Banking, simply choose the Message tab. Messages sent through Online Banking are encrypted, or changed into unrecognizable characters, so that they cannot be read if intercepted by anyone. You should never send us confidential information, such as your account number, by email or through the Email Us form on our web site.

Questionable Communications

You should be aware that we will NEVER call, text or email asking you to verify or supply personal information, such as:

  • User IDs
  • Passwords
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit Card Security Code (3-digit number on back of the card)
  • Mother's maiden name or other other information that could be used as answers to user-defined challenge questions. (e.g., place of birth, high school mascot.)

If you are unsure about the authenticity of a communication that appears to be from Old National, take the following precautions:

  • Be cautious if anyone unexpectedly calls, texts or emails you claiming to be Old National and asking for personal information. If you were not expecting the communication, call 1-800-731-2265 immediately to ensure you are truly speaking with an Old National associate.
  • Don't rely on links in emails to visit our web site. Type our web site address (www.oldnational.com) into your browser yourself.

PLEASE READ: Information security best practices continue to change and evolve. Accordingly, Old National may update its security measures used to protect your account from time to time without updating the information in this Security Center. In the event there is any inconsistency between the information contained in this Security Center and the agreements in place covering your account(s) with Old National, the agreements shall control.