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Social Media

What you should know.

Social media, also known as social networking, enables people to stay connected with friends, family and even businesses via the Internet. 

Be careful of what you share

Because social media sites are a place where people tend to share a lot of personal information, there is a danger of social engineering, which is when identity thieves gather personal information from social media sites. They attempt to piece together enough information they have gathered to log in to your online accounts and potentially defraud you out of money, commit identity theft, etc.

Tips for protecting yourself on social media sites

  • Do not choose usernames and passwords that are the same or similar to ones you use to access your online banking.
  • Never share personal information such as user IDs, PINs and account numbers.
  • Create a screen name that doesn't reveal too much personal information.
  • Never include information that can help thieves steal your identity, such as your address, phone number or even employment information.
  • Avoid completing social media surveys. They are sometimes designed to gather information for thieves. For example, giving the name of your high school mascot could also provide security question answers for other online accounts.
  • Don't provide too much information about your family. In a common scam, a caller pretends to be a grandchild in an emergency situation and asks to have money wired. The caller uses personal information from social media sites to sound believable.
  • Always use privacy settings to limit access to your information, but realize that information posted on social media sites is permanent and may still be accessible.
  • Never announce on social media sites when you will be out of town.


PLEASE READ: Information security best practices continue to change and evolve. The information and guidance provided to you online in this Security Center is not intended to be an all-inclusive checklist. You should consult with a qualified information security professional to determine the appropriate security tools and controls for you and/or your business.