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ON Guard Visa Purchase Alerts

Enroll your Old National Visa Debit Card online or download our ON Guard app for iPhone or Android devices.

What is ON Guard?

ON Guard provides near real-time Visa® Purchase Alerts, you can receive updates on your Visa® debit card activity to help reduce fraud and monitor your accounts, wherever you are. Select the delivery options that best meet your needs, with text messages, emails, or both for extra security and convenience. These alerts apply to debit card transactions, HELOC cards and VISA Travel cards only. The ON Guard App does not sync to Online Banking and is not available for checks clearing or ACH's.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

ONGuard Download Icon
Signup online or download the ON Guard Visa Purchase Alert app from App Store or Google Play.
ON Guard Enter
Enter your Old National Visa card information and register your mobile device.
ON Guard Enroll
Choose the notification triggers that match your needs, verify enrollment and you're all set!

ON Guard Visa Purchase Alert Benefits

ON Guard More Control

More Control

Track spending on your Visa debit/ATM, prepaid, or HELOC cards. Easy to setup and easy to use, it’s full of useful features that immediately make your Old National Visa work smarter for you.

ON Guard More Control

More Convenience

With the ON Guard Visa Purchase Alerts, managing your Old National Visa is fast and simple. Adjust your alerts to what makes sense for you and receive them via SMS text or email.

ON Guard More Control

More Confidence

Safe, secure, and seamless, know exactly what is going on with your Old National Visa anytime and anywhere. Now you can have the peace of mind to spend with confidence and enjoy life’s little moments. 

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