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Text Banking

Text Banking


Your account at your fingertips.

Get instant access to your finances with just a simple text message.

Text Banking Setup

Getting started is fast and simple

To register your mobile device, log into Online Banking and select Additional Services and then Text Banking & Alerts.

Text messaging codes

You can request information at any time by using simple text commands. 

BAL  primary account available balance
BAL ALL  all account current balances
LAST  last 5 transactions on primary account
BAL CHK  balances of all checking accounts
BAL SVG  balances of all savings accounts
TRANS (amt)  transfer funds
STOP  unsubscribe from Text Banking
HELP  get help on keycodes for Text Banking
Text Banking Alerts

Automated Alerts

You can also set up and receive automated alerts like:

  • Balance Update – your primary account balance sent as often as you like
  • Low Balance Alert – notification if your primary account balance falls below a specified amount
  • Large Deposit Alert – notification when a deposit into your primary account exceeds a specified amount
  • High Payment Alert – notification when a payment that clears your primary account exceeds a specified amount

Helpful Tips

  • Add 454545 to your mobile contacts and save it under Text Banking
  • Text messages are not case sensitive
  • Text Banking function will not work if you have an automated signature attached to your text messages
  • If you lose your mobile device or change your mobile number, log into Online Banking to cancel or edit your Text Banking service
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