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Iliana Tcherneva

Iliana Tcherneva

Private Banking Executive, VP

Office Phone: 608-354-0841

About Iliana

I have 23 years of banking experience in accounting, lending, management, premier and private banking. I focus on building relationships and delivering a distinctive client experience that leverages our unique mission to exceed the expectations of our clients. My goal is to boost customers' confidence when making choices between the broad range of products we offer.  

Local partnership, with superior expertise

At Old National, you will discover a more refined Private Banking experience. You have specific needs and goals. Planning for both requires careful devotion and local support, enhanced with well-deserved privileges. We listen carefully, and work closely with you to ensure you receive the highest level of personalized service. You will never be just another number. Your private banker collaborates with a team of specialists who understand your needs, thoughtfully developing financial solutions to help you realize your goals.

Private Banker Jessica Klepfer with client

More than 185 years of experience; sharing a vision

Old National is passionate about developing relationships with our clients; we understand how hard you have worked to achieve your goals.

Stability is deeply valued around here. It’s the reason Old National has flourished for so many years. We are dedicated to building equally solid legacies for our clients, and the communities where we work and live.

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