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Checking & Savings

Switch to Old National

No matter where you bank now, it couldn’t be easier to switch your checking account to Old National with our Simple Switch Checklist.

1. Open your new account.

Look over our checking accounts and choose the right one for you, and stop in any Old National to open your account. For a faster account opening, please bring the following:

  • State-issued driver’s license with photo for all accountholders. (Without a license, other types of ID are required. Ask for details.)
  • Name and Social Security number for each accountholder. (Signatures of everyone on account will be needed.)
  • Initial deposit of $50 in cash or check. A voided check and deposit slip from your
    previous bank for each account.

2. Switch your direct deposit.

Visit our direct deposit page for resources such as phone numbers and web sites. Or complete a Direct Deposit Form and take or send it to your employer's payroll department or the agency issuing your government check.

3. Redirect any automatic payments.

Look over 6-12 months of previous checking account statements to identify existing, automatic withdrawals – like loan, insurance or utility payments. Contact each payment recipient and provide them with your new account number and routing number (086300012) or complete an Automatic Payment Form.


Once you've opened your Old National account, it's easy to sign up for Online Banking and eStatements. Use your Old National Debit or ATM Card to enroll online. Within Online Banking, select the eOptons tab and check the box by each account for which you want eStatements.

5. Switch your Online Bill Pay service.

To set up Old National Online Bill Pay, click on the Bill Pay tab in Online Banking and follow the simple set-up instructions. If you already use Bill Pay through another bank, printing a list of the bills you currently pay provides a helpful reference.

Remember to cancel any eBills you have set up in your current Online Bill Pay service and re-establish them in Old National Bill Pay. To do this, call the customer service number printed on your bill. Inform the business of the method you prefer to receive your bills (via paper billing or electronically). To activate eBills in Old National Bill Pay, just click the “Get Bill” button next to a biller's name.

6. Close your old account(s).

Make sure all outstanding checks and transactions have cleared your former account and that all automatic payments and deposits have been switched. We usually recommend waiting about 60 days to close your old account.

Visit or call your previous financial institution to close your account or mail them an Authorization to Close My Account Form.

Have questions about switching?

We're here to help. Contact us!

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