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Loans & Credit Cards

Quick Debt Check-Up

Save big when you consolidate.


When it comes to your money, it’s all about the numbers. And our quick Debt Check-Up can uncover some amazing numbers that lead to BIG savings1. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Consolidate high- and variable-rate credit cards and loans into one low, fixed-rate monthly payment
  • Spend less and keep more cash in savings
  • With a home equity loan, your interest may be tax deductible. 2

Here's how we helped one client combine 5 big bills into one low monthly payment.

Find your BIG Number today!

Download our quick Debt Check-Up now. Or visit any banking center to get a copy along with your personal savings plan or call 1-800-276-5529 to speak with a debt consolidation specialist.

What's your project? What's your dream?

Learn how much equity you have in your home and find out which equity option fits your needs – and dreams.

With our Easy Equity IQ, turning your home improvement dreams into a powerful home improvement plan has never been simpler - or smarter.

Make your financial future brighter.

We all know that in today’s world, credit scores can play an important role. But few of us really understand our score and the impact it has on our lives.

Our Smart Credit Score Review can help you understand the impact of one of your most important financial numbers - your credit score.

Save BIG on checking too!

With ONB Advantage Checking your savings number continues to grow thanks to hundreds of exclusive discounts.


Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required on home equity loans. Minimum home equity loan amount $2,500.

1. Advertised 'Debt Check-Up' savings based on consolidation of debt in table using a fixed-rate, 5-year term home equity loan with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 7.68% that includes $150 processing fee, $6.70 flood certification fee, discount of .25% for automatic payment from ONB checking and is based on 80% loan-to-value and other credit criteria. APRs subject to change. Rates and fees may be higher depending on certain credit information, home types such as manufactured and modular, as well as other factors. Interest rates and remaining monthly payments of refinanced debt: auto loan (6.50%/62 payments), personal loan (10.75%/23 payments), credit card A (10.75%/23 payments), credit card B (18.00%/132 payments), retail card (18.00%/25 payments).

2. Consult with your tax advisor.