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Loans & Credit Cards

Smart Credit Score Review

Be credit score smart!

What is a credit score? Do you know what information makes up your credit score? And what impact does your credit score have on your life? Take our Smart Credit Score Review and bring to light the answers to your credit score questions.


Smart tips for managing your credit score: 1

  • Always pay your bills on time. If you have missed payments, get current and stay current
  • Pay off any collection accounts
  • Keep your balances low on “revolving credit” like credit cards
  • If you have debt, pay it off instead of moving it around with balance transfers, etc
  • Closing unused credit cards will not raise your score
  • Opening several new credit cards will not raise your score
  • Do not open a lot of new accounts within a short period of time
  • Set a goal of re-establishing your credit history if you have had past credit problems
  • Check your credit report annually for FREE at annualcreditreport.com
  • Only apply for and open new credit as you need it
  • Use your credit cards responsibly

Smart Credit Score Review = smart credit decisions

Our Smart Credit Score Review can help you understand your credit score and the impact it has on your life. Learn more at Old National Bank. Call 1-800-276-5529 or stop by and ask for your copy of our Smart Credit Score Guide!

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1. Many factors affect your credit score and the interest rate you may receive. Old National Bank does not guarantee any particular results by following these actions.