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How do I send money electronically from my HSA?

You can use Popmoney® as a way to send payment from your HSA. You can send money through email or text, using your existing Old National HSA and Online or Mobile Banking. In as little as 1 to 3 business days, payees receive their money, and it doesn’t matter where they bank.

You should be aware that sending money from your HSA using Online Banking or the ONB Mobile App is a tax reportable event.

Within Online Banking

To access and use Popmoney in Online Banking, go to Move Money in the top menu. Then choose Popmoney & External Transfers and then Pay Other People. Here you can send money, view activity and add new contacts for payment or of funds. On the right side of the Popmoney screen, you will find a full list of FAQs.

From the ONB Mobile App

From the main screen of the Mobile App, choose More in the lower, right corner. Then choose Popmoney. Choose from an existing contact, or enter the mobile phone number or email to set up a new payee.

Whether you are sending money via Popmoney in Online Banking or the Mobile App, you will be asked to enter the dollar amount, account you want the money to come from and how soon you want it delivered (3 business days or next business day). Note that there is a $4.95 fee for next business day delivery.

There is a minimum transaction amount of $10 when using Popmoney.

Learn more about Popmoney.

Visit our full FAQs page.
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