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How do I transfer money between my HSA and other Old National accounts?

Transferring funds between your HSA and other Old National accounts is easy – whether you’re making a one-time transfer or scheduling recurring transfers. You can transfer money from Online Banking or the ONB Mobile App.

Within Online Banking

To make a one-time transfer, go to My Accounts in the top menu of the Online Banking homepage. Select the Transfer icon above your listing of accounts. You can also choose Move Money in the top menu and select Make a Transfer.

Here you can select the accounts you want to transfer from and to and type and enter the date and amount of the transfer. You can also select the Repeat Transfer box if you want to set up a recurring transfer.

When you have entered all information, choose Make Transfer. Take a moment to verify that your transfer details are correct, then click Confirm.

Once you have confirmed, we’ll let you know that your transfer is complete. Now you can choose to Print this receipt, Make another transfer, or Exit by clicking Go to My Accounts.

Within the ONB Mobile App

Log in to your Mobile App, and at the bottom choose the Transfers icon. On the next screen, select the accounts you want to transfer from and enter the amount.

For an immediate, one-time transfer select Transfer and then Confirm

To schedule a transfer for a future date, or to schedule recurring transfers, choose the Schedule tab at the top of the Transfers screen. Then select Schedule a Transfer.

Important information about transferring money between your HSA and other Old National accounts

  • Transfers between accounts using Online Banking or the ONB Mobile App are tax reportable events.
  • If you wish to transfer your Old National HSA to another HSA as a non-reportable tax event, please request a transfer of funds with your new HSA Custodian.

You can learn more about making transfers in digital banking on

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