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What are Card Controls and Alerts for my HSA Debit Card?

Card Controls and Alerts enable you to monitor and manage your HSA debit card activity from within Online Banking and the ONB Mobile App. There is no cost to use Card Controls.

Here are a few of the benefits of using Card Controls:


Know exactly what is happening with your HSA debit card, anytime and anywhere. Turn on alerts for Internet purchases, ATM transactions and more.


Use Card Controls to immediately turn your HSA debit card on or off in case it is misplaced or lost, or for any other reason. You can also set transaction limits, so all debit card transactions above a certain amount will be declined.

Visit our Card Controls page for more information, including how to enroll.

Even if you use Card Controls to turn off your HSA debit card, you should still contact us at 1-800-731-2265 to report any unauthorized activity.

Visit our full FAQs page.
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