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What are future investment elections for my HSA Investment account, how do I set them and why are they important?

Future investment elections determine how money moved to your HSA Investment account from your HSA checking is split between the mutual fund options available to you. Once you set your investment elections, new money transferred to your HSA Investment account will be automatically invested based upon the funds and percentages you have pre-selected.

If you do not have future investment elections set prior to money being moved to your HSA Investment account, that money will be placed in the money market fund and will remain there until you realign your account or transfer that money to another fund or funds. Prior to setting your investment elections, you may wish to consult with a financial professional for help creating an asset allocation that works for you.

To set your future investment elections, first log in to your account. On site, select "Login" in the upper right corner of the page, then "Investments" and "HSA Investment Account Access." Once logged in, select "Set Future Investment Elections" under the Invest menu.

Future investment elections only affect the way new money moved to your HSA investment account is allocated. To change the allocation of your existing balance, select "Realign Investment Percentages" or "Transfer Between Investments" under the Invest > Manage Portfolio menu.

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