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What is realignment for my HSA Investment account, how do I request it and why does it matter?

Realignment adjusts the way money held in your HSA Investment account is allocated between funds, based on the percentages you select. When you realign your HSA investment account, you are requesting trades that move money from your current mutual fund holdings into new funds you choose, at the percentages you choose. Prior to realigning your account, you may wish to consult with a financial professional for help creating an asset allocation that works for you.

To realign your account, first log in to your account. On site, select "Login" in the upper right corner of the page, then "Investments" and "HSA Investment Account Access." Once logged in, select "Realign Investment Percentages" under the Invest > Manage Portfolio menu.

To change the way new money moved to your HSA Investment account is allocated, select "Set Future Investment Elections" under the Invest menu. To move money directly between individual investments, choose "Transfer Between Investments" under the Invest > Manage Portfolio menu.

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