In today’s world, many businesses are looking for those benefits that help keep their associates happy, engaged and show their employer is invested in their future.

Many of the common benefits for today’s working America include:

  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Health, life, and other insurance
  • Ability to work from home
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Childcare benefits
  • Professional development
  • And more!

But did you know, that in recent studies, one of the top employee benefits for 2021 is Financial Wellness! Financial stress on an employee to get work done has been talked about for many years. When an individual is stressed about their current financial situation, it often affects their ability to stay focused on job, which leads to an overall decrease in productivity.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we saw many Americans faced with financial struggles. Many individuals were placed out of a job and faced with financial hardships. Our government had to shell out stimulus after stimulus to help people pay their rent, mortgage, keep up with regular bills and more. 

At Old National, we have been offering financial education and wellness (Real-Life Finance) as a financial wellness benefit to our clients, for their employees. Many of these workshops were done in-person and on site. As we continue to offer this great in-person benefit, we knew we needed to do more. In today’s world, more people are now working remotely, and many businesses aren’t ready to open up their doors for visitors and in-person workshops. We also recognize that not everyone likes to talk about their money in person, or around fellow co-workers….hey, we get it! That’s why it’s called personal finance.

This year, we launched a new benefit for employers, Real-Life Finance eLearning. A fully digital, self-paced financial education platform, that puts the associates in the driver’s seat to take control of their finances. Weather they are looking to get out of debt, save more money, buy a home or retire sooner, the Real-Life Finance eLearning platform helps understand the education and tools necessary to help individuals reach their financial goals and dreams.

Real-Life Finance eLearning offers 11 personal financial topics, and has access to 46 individual lessons! This is perfect for on-the-go learning, and employers that offer this great benefit to their employees, give them a life-time license so they can always go back and review these sound money management principals. This is not only a great benefit for the employee, can be done with their entire family!

If your company is looking to be on the forefront of offering one of the most recommended wellness benefits of 2021, which not only benefits your associates, but your business as well, we encourage you to check out this video to learn more about offering this to your employees.

Schedule a Real-Life Finance class

Registered Old National instructors are available to lead financial education classes, at no cost, with schools, nonprofits, businesses and more across the areas we serve.

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