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The HSA Authority Insights

DISCLAIMER: This communication is not intended as legal or tax advice. The materials contain only a partial, general description of the benefits of Health Savings Accounts. The information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, Federal and state laws and regulations are subject to change. Please contact a competent legal or tax professional for personal advice on eligibility, tax treatment and restrictions.

Video Transcript

Congratulations. You've successfully contributed tax-free dollars to your HSA from The HSA Authority at Old National Bank. You're now prepared to pay for those qualifying planned and un-planned medical expenses. But wait. Now, you'll need to access your HSA money. No worries! The HSA Authority makes it simple, flexible and secure, with many cost-free ways to access your funds.

You can use your debit card or write a check. You'll have to purchase your checks, but once you have them, you'll have unlimited check-writing privileges at no charge.

You can go online to: view your statements – a great way to reduce paper clutter, guard against identity theft and, quite simply, get organized. From here, you can view, download and print your eStatements.

You can also view transactions and your account balances online, and, while you're there, you can use Online Bill Pay to easily pay those qualifying medical expenses – just set up whom you want to pay, when, and how much. We'll take it from there.

Or, there's account to account transfer – you could move money to and from your HSA and accounts at other financial institutions.

You can even set it up so we can text you account alerts like balance updates, transaction activity and reminders.

And, we'll follow you anywhere with our Mobile Banking app. Whether you're Android or IOS, you can view transactions, pay medical bills, or safely and securely deposit a check right from your smartphone.

Easy, simple, flexible and secure. We invite you to explore the many ways you can access your HSA from The HSA Authority – just visit us at
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