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At Old National, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is not only an organizational priority, it is our responsibility as a strong corporate citizen. We believe that recognizing and celebrating diversity in all its forms — including diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences — has the power to drive innovation and create better outcomes for our business, communities, clients and team members.

By achieving our DEI goals and strategic objectives, our communities will recognize Old National as:

  • An employer of choice
  • A financial services provider of choice
  • A community partner of choice

Read more about our commitment to: Diversity in Our Communities | ONB Community Equity


    About our Leadership


    About our Team Members

Our DEI Pillars

At Old National, we follow a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy that focuses on four pillars. Championing DEI in all four areas helps us achieve our mission to exceed client, team member and shareholder expectations:


    We foster an inclusive environment in which different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences are valued and respected.


    We strive to build a diverse talent acquisition funnel and provide high impact team member engagement and development programs.


    We know that being a good corporate citizen involves social responsibility, and we’re dedicated to demonstrating that responsibility through community leadership, philanthropic support and volunteerism.


    We want to serve the needs of all our clients. That’s why we offer a range of products and services to help individuals reach their unique goals, and why we ensure diversity in our suppliers and marketing efforts.

Supplier Diversity – Our Commitment in 2022

Old National looks to partner with both large and small businesses that have certified ownership by people of color as well as people with disabilities, women or veterans. We pledge to include suppliers that reflect the full prism of our client base.

Total spend with small businesses

Total spend with suppliers

Number of diverse suppliers

Interested in partnering with Old National?
If you are a certified minority-, women-, disabled- or veteran-owned business or small business, you should consider partnering with us.

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ONB CEO Council

Established in mid-2021, this diverse group of high potential Old National team members has a unique, reciprocal relationship with the company’s executive leadership team. Council members provide fresh insights and perspectives about topics that are vital to the organization and those we serve while also benefiting from mentoring and development opportunities.

Our DEI Programs

Old National has several programs related to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, including, but not limited to:

SpeakUp logo


Speak Up is an internal program comprised of group of team member “Culture Champions” who have been trained to listen to and serve as advocates for their fellow team.

Achieve Ability logo


Our Achieve Ability mentoring program pairs Old National executives and individuals with disabilities in a one-on-one mentoring relationship.

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Coworkers gathered for a meeting


Old National supports a variety of Impact Networks to create awareness and understanding of the diverse backgrounds and experiences represented throughout the Company.

Learn More About DEI

DEI Awards and Recognitions


Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

Military Friendly Employer

Best Place to Work For Disability Inclusion

National Organization on Disability

CEO Action for DEI

CEO Action for DEI