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Safely and easily share management of an account with designated individuals.

Shared Access FAQs


Shared Access allows you to grant user access to your Digital Banking account without sharing your log in credentials. This service is great for small business owners, individuals who work with accountants or financial managers, or spouses, family members or caregivers that need account access.

In Shared Access you determine the account permissions for each individual, called sub-user within the system. This includes the ability to transfer money between your internal accounts or make payments on your behalf. You can even set approval limits if you want to review and approve a payment before it is made.

Shared Access FAQs | See All Digital Banking Features

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Set Up Shared Access Today

  • Log in to Digital Banking through a web browser. (This feature is not an option in the Mobile App.)
  • Go to Additional Services
  • Click on Share access with others
See FAQs

Shared Access Frequently Asked Questions

A: As the primary user of digital banking, you have the ability to grant another person or persons (sub-users) access to your digital banking account. You have sole authority and control in sharing access with, managing and disabling sub-users and/or their respective authority. In setting up sub-users to your account, you authorize Old National to act on transaction instructions initiated under the credentials of authenticated sub-users, just as if it was initiated under your credentials.

Sub-users access is limited to web browser only. From within a web browser, select Additional Services, then Share Access with Others.

Select Add person.

Enter the identifying information about the sub-users.

Select Grant full access to all accounts or next to each account, select Click to grant access to each individual account.

You will need to setup if the account is View Only, can make internal transfers or bill payments.

If you choose to allow bill payments, you will need to set an approval limit as well.

Click Save and then Continue to agree to the Terms of Use.

The sub-users will receive an email at the address you provided and will need to setup their access within 30 minutes. They will log in and verify identity with the phone number you provided. The sub-users will then be able to log in to your account with their own user ID and password.

A: As a subuser, you have the ability to access another person's account, based on the entitlements granted to you.

The primary user will setup your access.

You will be sent an email with your temporary password to the email address the primary user setup and a second email with your temporary ID.

Within 30 minutes of receiving the email, click on the link to complete the setup.

Read and accept the terms and conditions.

Verify your identity by receiving a call from the phone number provided by the primary user.

Setup a new password.

Once logged in, if you want to change your ID, click My Settings and Edit User ID.

If you forget your password or have questions regarding your access, please contact the primary user.

A: In Shared Access, sub-users are not allowed to use the mobile app, so managing your sub-user is done via the web browser. 

To manage your sub-user, log into Digital Banking on a web browser.

  • Select Additional Services, then Share access with others.
  • You can toggle the access from Yes to No.
  • The Options button allows you to Update ProfileReset Password or Delete the sub-user.
  • Update Profile allows you to manage the user’s personal information or what accounts they have access to.
  • Reset Password allows you to provide the sub-user with a temporary password. The user will receive an email that the password was changed, but you will need to verbally provide the password to the sub-user.  

A: If you set a bill pay transaction limit for sub-users, then you will need to approve any payment over that limit. When a sub-user submits a payment, you will receive an email.

  • From a web browser, log into digital banking.
  • In the Bill Payment box, you will see you an Approval needed.
  • Select Review.
  • Select Approve or Decline. Decline will cancel the payment. Approve will schedule the payment and provide you a confirmation number.

Sub-users access is not available on the ONB Mobile app and managing sub-users is also only accessible via a web browser in Digital Banking.