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If you’re buying a vehicle, or want to refinance you existing vehicle, we can help! We offer competitive rates, generous credit criteria and, if you’re refinancing, you can owe more than your car is worth.

Call 877-427-7220 to Apply | See Sample Payment Table | Calculate a Payment | Visit a Banking Center

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    Call 877-427-7220 to Apply

    • Rates as low as 6.879% APR1
    • Loans for new or pre-owned cars and trucks
    • Loan terms up to 84 months
    • Refinancing possibilities: you may save with a better rate

    Visit us today to get started!

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    Know how much you can borrow and improve your negotiating power!

    Simply complete a loan application based on the age of the vehicle you are considering, as well as the maximum loan amount you want.

    If you are unsure of how much you could borrow, we can help determine a starting point.

    Connect with us today!

    Call 877-427-7220 to Apply

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    Call 877-427-7220 to Apply

    A simple auto refinance could lower your monthly payment. We offer:

    • Generous credit criteria
    • Refinancing for more than your auto is worth
    • Competitive rates

    Reasons to Refi:

    • You feel like your current rate isn’t the best
    • Your credit score has improved
    • You want lower monthly payments
    • You want a shorter term

How Much Could Your Monthly Payment Be?
Our chart of sample loans helps you estimate a possible monthly payment.2 You can also use our calculators for a more personalized view.

Loan Term $15,000 Loan3 $25,000 Loan4
60 Months $297.54 $493.60
72 Months $260.46 $432.09
78 Months $246.32 $408.64
84 Months $235.31 $390.37

Auto Loans: Connect with Us

Our bankers can review your auto loan options, whether you’re looking for an auto purchase or a refinance of an existing auto loan.

Getting connected with a Banker will not affect your FICO® Score

Auto Loan Calculators: Get Your Questions Answered!*

*Calculations are for estimated analysis only. Results are not indicative of any actual loan terms or payment amounts. Please contact a Banker for current rates and to get your personalized rate quote.

More About Borrowing

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    It may make a lot of sense. We put together nine questions to ask yourself as you decide.

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    Debt-free living isn’t the right choice in every circumstance. Learn more about why taking on debt can be a savvy move.

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    Many people put off their money goals until later. Achievement happens when you start now. Learn how.

Limited time offer. Rates, terms & conditions effective as of 11/14/22. Subject to credit approval. Insurance required. Other restrictions may apply, see bank for details. All rates/APRs based on highest credit tier and include a .25% rate reduction for automatic payment from an Old National checking account.

1 6.879% APR based on $25,000 loan, 2023 or newer model year, 60 months, 6.59% rate, $493.60 payment & $175 processing fee (financed into the loan).
2 Payments based on 2023 or newer model, term/interest rate of 60/59%, 72/7.24%, 78/7.49% & 84/7.84% and include $175 processing fee (financed into the loan).
3 On $15,000 loan, interest rate results in monthly term/APR/payment of 60/072%/$297.54, 72/7.652%/$260.46, 78/7.874%/$246.32 & 84/8.202%/$235.31.
4 On $25,000 loan, interest rate results in monthly term/APR/payment of 60/879%/$493.60, 72/7.486%/$432.09, 78/7.720%/$408.64 & 84/8.057%/$390.37.