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2023 ONe Vision CEO Award Winner: Giuseppe Veneziano

Insightful, resourceful, fostering, collaborative, optimistic, encouraging, committed. These are all words team members used to describe Giuseppe Veneziano, Old National's 2023 ONe Vision CEO Award winner. Giuseppe, Small Business Banking Relationship Manager at McHenry Main Banking Center in McHenry, Ill., truly exemplifies ONB's values every day which led him to receive this special award.


Each year, one ONB team member is selected to receive the ONe Vision CEO Award which recognizes someone who exceptionally demonstrates the ONB values. The recipient is chosen from the entire year's ONe Vision quarterly winners.  In 2023, there were 270 ONe Vision winners. Giuseppe was nominated an impressive six times last year and received the award three times. This speaks volumes for how he connects with his clients and coworkers every day.

“He has certainly attained celebrity status among those who work with him. He came to Small Business with very little experience in commercial lending. He has learned by digging in and asking for help when needed," said Shelly Christian, Small Business Banking Director. “He knows how challenging it can be for someone new to Small Business, and he makes sure he shares his own early struggles and experiences.  I believe this is what allows him to connect. He really does care and wants to see everyone experience success."

“When you show up, you don't have to have all the answers," Giuseppe explained. “We all need to build our confidence. If you get 1% better with each person you talk to, then talk to 100 people. We all work together to get there."

The following are a few excerpts team members wrote about Giuseppe in their ONe Vision nominations:

  • “His optimism, willingness to teach, ability to find the answer to any question, and his talent in partnering, not only co-workers but also clients, are unmatched."
  • “Giuseppe has been a true partner to me to stand up Small Business and to really start to feel the success. I can truly say he embodies ALL (not just some) of our ONB values. ONB values are HIS values."
  • Giuseppe's name comes up consistently from team members when I am visiting banking centers and asking about small business engagement and loan activities.  I consistently hear, 'Giuseppe coached me on...Giuseppe taught me…I am comfortable talking about this because Giuseppe helped me…' He is a committed partner to the teams and invested in their success."

When asked how he felt about receiving the award, Giuseppe said, “This is absolutely flattering! The good news spread fast. I just really believe that if you take care of your customers, and put in the time and effort, the scorecards will take care of themselves."

“Giuseppe could be the poster child for ONB culture and how the right approach can open doors to the right results," said Shelly.

Congratulations, Giuseppe, and thank you for your commitment and dedication!

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