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Old National Welcomes Cadre of 2024 Summer Interns

On June 10th, 38 interns began their 10-week summer internships with Old National Bank. The interns are spread out through various departments in Evansville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Ann Arbor and Madison.

All interns will engage in mentoring, community service opportunities, information sessions with ONB executives and professional development seminars. The program allows interns to build their network and work with their peers to build and present a team-based final project. The interns will also travel to Indianapolis in July for volunteering, bonding, and an information session!

We are thrilled to have a talented group of interns join ONB this summer Read on to hear from an intern at each location:

Mariam Kenu

Q: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

A: I am most excited to gain professional experience in my field of study and to network and meet new people … I am looking forward to the intern project we will be assigned!

Randy Kelly

Q: What is one thing you took away from your first week at ONB?

A: One thing I took away from my first week at Old National is how helpful and open everyone is. Everyone around the office is willing to help answer any questions or take time to talk to you about something you are interested in.

Adam Buehrer

Q: What drew you to pursuing an internship at ONB?

A: I explored local job postings online and received a recommendation to consider Old National. Following this advice, I applied and the process unfolded from there. Through my research, I discovered that the Corporate Banking team at Old National is exceptionally talented, making it an ideal place for professional growth while also being conveniently close to home. Once I got an offer I gladly accepted.

Arjun Taneja

Q: What is one thing you took away from your first week at ONB?

A: During the first week, it was great to learn and experience ONB's well-established culture and how relationships are maintained even as the company is expanding.

Ann Arbor
Laura Schloegl

Q: What skills or experience are you hoping to gain this summer?
A: The main objective for me this summer is to learn as much about as many positions within the field as possible. Working with the wealth group specifically, I'm hoping to gain more insight into how market trends, differing financial situations and personal goals/preferences all factor into devising investment strategies.  

Daniel Gutierrez

Q: What feature of the internship program are you most looking forward to and why?
A: This summer, I’m looking forward to pursuing my passion for financial literacy with the community bank team to enhance the accessibility and inclusiveness of ONB’s products and services for our Spanish-speaking clients.

2024 Summer Interns
Abby Hobrough, Butler University, Communications and Culture
Cole Knapp, Indiana University, Investment
Griffin Lehnhardt, DePaul University, Corporate Banking
Adam Buehrer, Purdue University, Corporate Banking
Colin Hagstrom, University of Notre Dame, Wealth Management Research
Jackson Ragland, Indiana University, TM Merch Services
Aidan O’Shea, DePaul University, Portfolio Monitoring
Connor Lane, Southern Illinois University, Corporate Compliance
Jason Mascarenhas, University of Illinois Urbana-Champ., Accounting
Alec Freeman, Indiana University, Mortgage Servicing Business Analyst
Daniel Gutierrez, University of Wisconsin Madison, Community Banking Sales Support
Jerry Turner, Indiana University, Hospitals & Ancillary Services
Alex Hooten, Bellarmine University, Accounting
Dean Randall, Miami University, Equipment Financial Credit Underwriting
Justin Monroe, Butler University, Enterprise Risk Management
Arjun Taneja, Indiana University, Wealth Management Research
Diana Andrade, DePaul University, Financial Institutions
Kwaku Atuahene, University of Southern Indiana, Data Analysis
Charles Juckniess, Creighton University, Corporate Banking
Grant Claspell, University of Evansville, Records & Information Management
Laura Schloegl, Butler University, Wealth
Maddux Bruner, Indiana University, Loan Operations
Michael Gawrylo, DePaul University, Portfolio Monitoring
Ryan Pietruszkiewicz, Wake Forest University, Finance
Mariam Kenu, University of Southern Indiana, Data Analyst
Michael Hyde, Miami University, Foreign Exchange
Seamus Kilroy, Western Governors University, Information Security
Mark Avila, Indiana University, Treasury Management
Olivia Radziszewski, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Marketing
Tyson Berg, Fordham University, Capital Markets/Syndications
Mary Margaret Mellen, Creighton University, Wealth Management, Community Development, Marketing
Patrick Jamieson, University of Notre Dame, Product & Digital
Vikram Oddiraju, Purdue University, Wealth Management Equity Analyst
Matt Barada, Indiana University, Capital Markets / Syndications
Randy Kelley, Wabash College, Talent Development
Yaw Bredwa-Mensah, University of Southern Indiana, Data Analyst
Maurine Leroy, DePaul University, Information Security
Ricardo Campos, Marian University, Treasury Management Bus. Support

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