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A client meeting to discuss his financials

Through Old National Bank


A client working through their financials with their financial team


Through Private Wealth Management, you will have a dedicated Private Banker who serves as an integral part of your service team. Your Private Banker will bring high-touch tailored banking services along with access to special products and exclusive benefits. Qualifying Private Wealth Management clients will have access to the following benefits through the Private Elite program, including:

  • Premium interest rates for deposit accounts
  • Loan rate discounts1 and credits2, including $1,500 toward closing costs on a primary mortgage3
  • Free ATM withdrawals4 at non-ONB ATMs
  • Increased limits for online/mobile banking, including mobile deposits and account-to-account transfers
  • Waived fees for domestic and international wire transfers5 (up to 5 per month)
  • Old National fees waived on international debit card transactions6
  • World Debit Mastercard®, PLUS more!

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Old National’s Private Elite Program deposit account benefits are effective on the open/transfer date of your Old National Private Elite Checking Account. All other benefits are contingent on the minimum qualifications being met before they can be applied. Annually, during the first quarter, Old National will review your relationship. If total balances in qualifying accounts do not meet the Old National Private Elite Program requirements, Old National may contact you to help determine an alternate Old National product. Private Elite Checking Account required for Private Elite Program benefits. Old National reserves the right to discontinue or modify the relationship discounts/benefits at any time. Cannot be combined with Partnership Banking relationship discounts/benefits or Old National employee discounts. Terms and conditions effective 3/18/2022. 

1 Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required. Rate and closing cost discounts available on new loans at time of application. Excludes Quick Home Refi. 

2 Subject to credit approval. Excludes Quick Home Refi and Home Equity Lines/Loans and cannot be used for down payment. 

3 Only available for Old National Private Elite Checking Accounts.

4 No foreign ATM fee and Old National will refund the fee charged by other ATM owners up to $5 per transaction. Only available for Old National Private Prestige Checking Accounts.

5 Includes up to 5 outgoing domestic, 5 incoming domestic, and 5 outgoing international wire transfers per month, as based on your 30-day statement cycle. Note: Fees could still apply for incoming international wire transfers. 

6 Other international fees may still apply, such as an international ATM surcharge.