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Partnering with local communities and helping families

Let us customize a solution to meet your needs.

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Old National understands that the needs of governments and municipalities are different than those of small businesses and corporate clients. That’s why we have dedicated experts who can customize solutions for you.

As active members of numerous industry associations, we believe in the mission of public service. We live and work in your community. Our kids go to school here. We are committed to developing meaningful relationships with the individuals and organizations that make our communities stronger, safer, and more beautiful.

A banker meeting with a local municipality

50+ Years Serving the Public Sector

We have more than 50 years of experience helping municipalities and governments collect cash efficiently and disburse it quickly. Public transactions should be safe, quick and convenient. We also help our clients invest excess balances to obtain maximum yield.

  • More than 400 public sector clients
  • Municipal and public peak deposits exceeding $3 billion
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Our Solutions for the Public Sector

We want your organization set for success. Old National can create customized lending solutions for your needs, whether it’s for growth, the financing of equipment, or the updating of existing facilities. We can also develop an appropriate investment strategy for your organization’s funds and help you with Community Engagement by conducting educational workshops.

Lastly, our clients have a dedicated Relationship Manager assigned to their account, who can help with Receivable SolutionsPayable Solutions, and Fraud Mitigation Services.

  • A downtown image in a local town


    • Higher Education: Public colleges and universities
    • Public School Districts
    • Library Districts
    • Park Districts
    • Fire Protection Districts
    • Housing Authorities
    • Governments: Counties, cities, towns, townships and water reclamation districts
  • A firetruck parked at the firehouse


    Old National offers both Installment Purchase Agreements and Lease Purchase Agreements for local municipalities.

    These are affordable and flexible alternatives to bond financing:

    • Acquire equipment you need now without incurring long term debt
    • Level capital expenditures in budgets from year to year
    • Preserve cash for other projects that are either harder to finance or cannot be financed
    • Simple to complete, allowing buying decisions to be implemented quickly
    • Low tax-exempt rates
  • A banker talking to a potential client


    We offer the ideal blend of technology-driven best practices delivered by dedicated Treasury Management Consultants.

    From Lockbox Services to Fraud Mitigation, we have you covered. Learn everything we have to offer.

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Contact our dedicated government and municipal experts today.

Nadine A. Johnson, MBA, CTP 
Illinois, Wisconsin

Rich Day
Illinois, Northwest Indiana

David Waldorf
Minnesota, Michigan


Susan Wade
SVP Treasury Management Market Executive