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Old National Treasury Management can assist with a variety of payment solutions.

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A successful payables solution from Old National Treasury Management could extend your payables, simplify your process and manage risk. Let’s get started!

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  • ACH Origination Icon


    Save time and money by using the Old National electronic payment solution through ONPointe TreasuryTM or secure FTP transmission.

  • Business Bill Pay Icon


    Pay bills easily.1 You set up who you want to pay, when and how much.

  • Controlled Disbursement Icon


    Gain control over your check disbursement activities. In-clearing checks will be reported to you early each day, allowing you to put leftover deposits to work.

  • Payroll Cards Icon


    An innovative way to offer direct deposit to your employees, regardless of their past banking history. Allows employees ATM and point-of-sale access to their paycheck.

  • Purchasing Card Icon


    Get an additional means of financing projects.2 Extend your payables through controlled spending by employees.

  • Wire Transfer Icon


    Domestic and international wire transfers through Old National Bank offer a fast, secure way for your business to sends funds to individuals and businesses.

Managing Your Business Needs
Talk to Old National Treasury Management about a variety of payment solutions.

This service allows you to create entries into the Federal Reserve’s ACH payment network to send or receive payments from other U.S.-based accounts. Create your batch of entries using your accounting software or by using ONPointe Treasury’s user interface. Batches can be sent to Old National by secure file transmission or using ONPointe Treasury. Same-day and next-day settlement are both available.

Direct Deposit Payments3
Pay your employees electronically using ACH direct deposit. You save time by not printing and distributing checks — and your employees are more productive by not taking time away from work on payday to deposit or cash their checks.

Electronic Debits
Collect payments from customers or concentrate funds from your accounts held at other banks. This helps reduce manual steps, automate your cash collection processes and provides continuity in your cash flow.

Tax Payments
Filing your taxes electronically can ensure your tax payments are made accurately and on time, saving you the time and expense of other methods. Simply register to make payments with EFTPS or your state, and you will be able to send tax payments electronically.

Vendor Payments
With this solution, you will be able to electronically pay your vendors — giving you control over the timing of your payment and reducing the physical cost associated with the invoice-to-pay process.


  • Simplifies reconcilement
  • Standardizes payables flow
  • Eliminates time and cost of issuing paper payments
  • Reduces the risk of account compromise and check fraud

This service lets you send payment creation requests online to the businesses and individuals you designate. Include invoice information and choose the date when you want the receiver (called a “biller”) to be paid. If the biller is enrolled with electronic payments, an electronic debit will be made to your account — otherwise, a check will be drafted against your account and mailed to the biller.


  • Manage, pay and receive bills from one secure site
  • Control when your payment is processed
  • Save time and money on printing and mailing checks
  • Log in using ONPointe - no need for extra user accounts or passwords

This service allows your business to know by 9am ET/8am CT each morning which checks will be posted to your account today. You will receive a report from ONPointe Treasury with the day’s presentment totals and itemized list of checks to be posted. This gives you the ability to determine your net cash position, so you can make important decisions about how to use excess funds.


  • Early 9am ET/8am CT final presentment – hours earlier than most banks
  • Provides certainty of which checks will post
  • Allows you to reduce your loan interest costs or to earn a higher return on excess balances
  • Extends your payment float by carrying over items presented after your daily presentment

This service allows you to offer your employees a virtual bank account, accessed through a debit Mastercard®. The account cannot be overdrawn, protecting your employees from penalty fees. Regardless of your employee’s past banking history, they can get access to this program.3 You get the benefit of boosting direct deposit participation, saving you on time and cost, and your employee gets the benefit of saving a trip to the bank on pay day.


  • Employees can receive direct deposit to their account

  • Accounts can be accessed at any business that accepts Mastercard®

  • Card can be used to make ATM withdrawals

  • Online banking and electronic statement access included4

  • Deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,0005

The Old National purchasing card2 gives you an additional means of financing projects to extend your payables and provides for controlled spending by employees. Gain greater control with enhanced and consistent reporting capabilities and a streamlined reimbursement process.


  • Ability to request any number of cards with individual limits for various employees
  • Individual card restrictions give customized access
  • Use anywhere Mastercard® is accepted
  • Single bill streamlines the accounts payables process

1 Available for small business checking customers only.
2 Subject to credit approval. Cards are issued by Old National Bank, pursuant to a license from Mastercard. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard and is used under license.
3 Employee must provide required enrollment information to establish account.
4 Online access provided through a third party provider and is not Old National’s online banking service.
5 Powercash program deposits are held at the Bancorp Bank. Netspend program deposits are held at Republic Bank.