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A meeting with colleagues

What you need to open a business account or apply for a business loan.


Our goal is to make opening a business account, or applying for a business loan, as easy as possible. To help expedite the process, find three checklists below to assist you in bringing the correct items.

  • A meeting with a client


    What we need to evaluate your initial loan request:

    • Details of loan request (dollar amount needed and proposed use of funds).
    • Last three years of personal and corporate tax returns, with all schedule K-1’s.
    • Personal financial statement (PFS) from within the last 12 months. Download and complete the appropriate PFS form provided.


    Personal Financial Statement

    Personal Financial Statement WI Residents Only

    For Small Business Administration loans:

  • A meeting with a Banker and his client


    Depending on your type of business and specific request, additional documents may be needed as we process your request. For example, we may ask you to complete certain forms pertaining to ownership of your company. 

    For commercial real estate loans, we will also need:

    • Proposed sources and use of funds.
    • Detail of the size and type of property to be financed.
    • Current rent roll.
    • Copies of all leases.
    • Copy of signed Purchase Agreement.
    • Detailed construction budget (if applicable).

    Have additional questions about CRE loans?

  • A folder being handed to a coworker


    Please provide the following:

    • Personal I.D. and professional (business) license.
    • Employment Identification Number (EIN).
    • Articles of Incorporation and banking resolutions (the paperwork you filed with the state when you first opened your business).

    Have additional questions?

    Make an appointment or visit a nearby banking center to learn what we can do for you!

Small Business Tips and Advice

  • A business owner meeting to discuss a revolving credit line

    Revolving credit vs line of credit

    What’s the difference? Which works best for your business?

  • A young business owner holds her laptop while researching fraud protection for her company

    Protect your business against fraud

    We take your security matters seriously. Protect yourself and your business information.

  • A business owner stands and smiles next to his younger employee and considers his business banking and succession options

    Transition your legacy

    Ensure the foundation you have built lasts for today's employees and tomorrow's leaders.

Connect with a Banker

To learn more about Old National business banking solutions, please complete and submit the form below. A member of our business banking team will contact you as soon as possible.

* Please do not include sensitive information such as password, PIN number, Social Security number or account number.

1 All loan programs are subject to credit review and approval. Proof of property insurance required for all loans secured by property. Rates are subject to change daily. Contact your Old National Business Banker for current rates.