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Capstar and Old National Bank

Information for CapStar Treasury Management clients as they transition to Old National.


In October 2023, Old National Bancorp and CapStar Financial Holdings, Inc. entered into a definitive merger agreement for Old National to acquire CapStar. This partnership expands the bank's presence across the Midwest, Tennessee and North Carolina, while keeping the same exceptional service and commitment to excellence. Effective April 1, CapStar Bank is now officially a division of Old National Bank.

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Our two companies share a very similar culture when it comes to a commitment to exceptional relationship-based banking and personalized client service.

Over the next few months, we'll continue working to combine the best of our companies with the goal of providing you with enhanced resources and an expanded line of products and services. Once the transition is complete, CapStar will operate solely under the Old National name.


News and Announcements


    Last Updated on July 11, 2024

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    Where to Go for Help

    Phone: 800-844-1720



    • October 2023 – Old National and CapStar entered into a merger agreement.
    • April 1, 2024 – CapStar Bank became a division of Old National Bank.
    • Week of May 20, 2024 – Intro to ONPointe Treasury email and letter sent. View an ONPointe Treasury Introduction video here. View TMSA here.
    • Week of June 3, 2024 – Email sent with information on software activation and downloading secure browser.
    • Week of June 10, 2024 – Change in Terms Welcome Guide, along with Software Activation Key letter mailed.
    • Week of June 17, 2024 – Live virtual training options begin and will run through August 9, 2024.
    • July 12-14, 2024 – Bank Systems Conversion.
    • Monday, July 15 – Start using Old National ONPointe Treasury!
    • August-September 2024 – Remote Deposit Capture conversion.

    Monday, July 15, 2024, your new business online banking solution will be called ONPointe Treasury™. Like CapStar Flex Online (CFO), ONPointe Treasury™ is a robust, customizable online and mobile banking suite that helps you run your business more effectively.

    • ONPointe Treasury™ includes more robust features like ACH payments, wire transfers, and check and ACH Positive Pay. ONPointe Treasury is a full-service powerhouse that creates efficiencies for your business.

    You will have view-only access to CFO for 60 days after our system conversion, allowing you to retrieve transaction history and electronic statements. However, we recommend you download your transaction history and electronic statements prior to conversion. You will also have 2 years of statements available in ONPointe Treasury.

    Click here for CapStar Flex Online (CFO)

    Click here for DirectLink Merchant

    Click here for Lockbox

Other Treasury Management Services & Resources

Old National Bank's Treasury Management Service Agreement

Treasury Management Services Agreement Part 1: General Terms | Treasury Management Services Agreement Part 2: Service Terms

Client Training Options

Live Virtual Training | Training & Migration Guides | Recorded Training Sessions

Old National Bank Live Training Registration Links
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Old National Training Guides

Old National Migration Guides
Below you will find several guides that will help with your Treasury Management conversion to Old National.

Meet ONPointe Treasury

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Client Conversion Training
Below you will find several training videos to help you navigate some of the services found in ONPointe Treasury.

Getting Started

ONPointe Treasury Secure Browser Download and First-Time Login Training

ONPointe Treasury Training

ONPointe Treasury Administration Training

Information Reporting

ONPointe Information Reporting Training

Positive Pay Services

Check Positive Pay Training

Check Positive Pay File Mapping Training

ACH Positive Pay Training

ACH & Wire Payments

ACH Origination Templates Training

ACH Origination NACHA File Upload Training

ONPointe Wire Transfers Training 

Old National and CapStar will never call, text or email you asking for personal information such as Online Banking credentials (passwords, etc.), Social Security Number, debit card number or PIN.