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A woman paying for an item via her debit card

Use your debit card and write checks knowing we have solutions for accidental overdrafts.


What’s an overdraft? It’s when you spend money that isn’t in your account using a check or debit card. It may sound bad, but it happens! We have you covered in several ways:

  • First, we have a grace amount. If you overdraw your account by $25 or less, we charge no fee. In other words, your daily cup of coffee is no problem.
  • Second, we have tools to help you monitor your account and track your finances — so you avoid overdrawing in the first place.
  • Third, we have two solutions should you happen to overdraw: Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Courtesy.

Tools to track your finances | More about our overdraft solutions | What are insufficient funds?

Tools to Track Your Finances

We want you to be financially empowered! That’s why we offer tools to help you understand what’s happening with your accounts, how much money you have, and where you’re spending.


Set up customized emails or texts when you have a low balance, a large purchase, or other key card activities.

How It Works


Get more out of every purchase. Our debit card enhances your everyday lifestyle with extra benefits.

Learn More


Track your budget, categorize your spending, and monitor transactions. Gain valuable insights and achieve your financial goals.

How to Do It

Our Overdraft Solutions

  • A man grateful he has overdraft protection


    Overdraft Protection allows you to link your account to an Old National checking, savings, or money market account — or even a line of credit. Then, if you accidentally overdraft, we draw the funds from your linked account.

    While there is no cost to use it, you must sign up for overdraft protection.

    It works like this: The transfer amount will be the exact amount needed to cover the total overdraft amount at the end of each business day, provided your linked account has a sufficient available balance.

    If sufficient funds are not available in your linked account, we will transfer what is available. Any items not covered by the funds in your linked account will be paid or returned at the Bank’s discretion and applicable overdraft and other account fees may be charged.

    Note: For business analysis accounts, an Overdraft Protection Transfer fee of $5 will be charged for each transfer from your linked account.

    To sign up for Overdraft Protection please visit any Old National banking center or call Client Care at 1-800-731-2265.

  • A couple looking at overdraft options


    Most Old National checking accounts come with Overdraft Courtesy.

    With Overdraft Courtesy, even if you don’t have enough available money in your checking account, we may still approve and pay checks you’ve written, as well as ACH and recurring debit card transactions (such as utility bills). Overdraft Courtesy does not cost anything unless you use it.

    We generally post items to your account in the order you make them, if they have a time or date stamp. Otherwise, we use the posting order of “low to high” for most other items, meaning we process checks presented on the same day against a deposit account by starting with the smallest check first.

    If your account becomes overdrawn by more than $25, we will charge you a fee for each overdraft item, up to 2 per day for most accounts. You are responsible for paying the amount of any overdraft on your account immediately.

    If your account is overdrawn 7 or more consecutive business days, we will charge a $7 Daily Overdraft fee each business day the account is overdrawn by more than $25 (beginning on day 7), for up to 5 business days.

How to Sign Up for Our Services

  • To sign up for Overdraft Protection, or for more information about either service, please visit any Old National banking center or call Client Care at 1-800-731-2265.
  • Overdraft Courtesy comes with most accounts; you do not need to sign up for it.

What are Insufficient Funds?

If there is not enough of an available balance in your account to cover a withdrawal or payment presented against your account, the withdrawal may be rejected, or payment may be returned unpaid. When an item is returned in this way, it is due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF). You may also hear the term "insufficient funds" used.

In these instances, Old National Bank does not charge an NSF fee.

For specific details regarding our overdraft policies, or to sign up for Overdraft Protection, please visit any Old National banking center or call Client Care at 1-800-731-2265.