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A couple looking at their tablet paying their loan

You can use digital banking to access your mortgage. We have guides to get you started.    

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Old National Mortgage Manager allows you to manage all aspects of your mortgage loan, including tools to help you plan for the future — and save your money. You can find it in digital banking!

Frequently Asked Questions | Mortgage Manager Guides


    Mortgage Manager is part of the Old National digital banking experience:

    For Online Banking

    • Simply login with your current User ID and Password.
    • Find the “Mortgage Loans” section on your dashboard.
    • Click on “Manage & Pay” and you will be sent to Mortgage Manager.

    For Mobile Banking

    • Simply login with your current User ID and Password.
    • Tap “More” and find the “Manage and Monitor.”
    • Click on “Manage & Pay Mortgage” and you will be sent to Mortgage Manager.

    Enroll Now

    It’s easy — enroll once and you can access your account online and from your mobile device.

    • Simply enter the required fields.
    • Accept the terms and conditions.
    • Use your mortgage loan account number to get started in Mortgage Manager.

    • Access your mortgage dashboard anytime, anywhere
    • Receive your billing statement electronically
    • Make payments and receive real-time results
    • Set up monthly automatic payments
    • Calculators showing the value of making additional principal payments
    • Calculators for refinance and investment opportunities
    • Set up notifications to keep you informed about your loan
    • And more

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can use Mortgage Manager to make your mortgage payment within Online and Mobile Banking. Our guide for Accessing Mortgage Manager through Online and Mobile can help you get started. Once you have accessed Mortgage Manager, there are several ways to make payments explained in the following guides:

Here are several other options for making mortgage payments:

  • Visit any Old National banking center to make a payment
  • Mail a check to PO Box 3789, Evansville, IN 47736
  • Not using Mortgage Manager? Use the Mortgage Loan Autopay form to set up automatic payments on a mortgage
  • Pay by phone by calling Mortgage Servicing at 1-866-853-3277. (A fee will be associated if you pay by phone.) Payments made by phone can only be accepted as an electronic check (eCheck) and not by credit card or debit card. You will need your routing number and account number to pay by eCheck. 

If you need assistance with any of the above payment options, please contact Mortgage Servicing at 1-866-853-3277.

A: Yes, mortgage payments can be automatically drafted by signing up for our Autopay service or Flexible Payments (Biweekly Drafting) service within Mortgage Manager.

With Autopay, your mortgage payment draft will occur on the specified date each month or the next business day if the specified day is a non-business day.

With Flexible Payments, a borrower is allowed to make half-payments every two weeks and apply these payments as a full monthly payment once a month.

The following information will help you in setting up automatic payments:

While Mortgage Manager is the simplest way to set up automatic payments, you can also download and return the Mortgage Loan Auto Pay form. This form can be returned to a banking center, mailed to PO Box 3789, Evansville, IN 47736 or emailed to to set up automatic payments.

If you need assistance setting up an automatic loan payment or want us to mail an auto pay form to you, please contact Mortgage Servicing at 1-866-853-3277 or visit any Old National banking center.

A: Yes. You can enroll in electronic statements for your Old National mortgage loan within Mortgage Manager. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into Mortgage Manager
  2. Select Account Management
  3. Click on Document Center
  4. Under Mortgage eStatements selectPaperless Statements
  5. Open and review eStatement Delivery Terms and Conditions
  6. Select I agree to the terms and conditions
  7. Click Let's do this!

Use our guide How to Sign Up for Mortgage eStatements for step-by-step instructions as well.

You will receive an email notification letting you know when your statement will be ready for viewing. If you change your mind and would like to resume receiving paper statements in the mail, you can de-activate this service in Mortgage Manager at any time.

A: Once you are logged in to the Mobile App, tap Payment Center. Select Pay Mortgage. Your summary will appear. Select your Mortgage Loan.

View our How to Access Online & Mobile guide.

A: Our system automatically generates a new mortgage billing statement immediately after you make a payment. This enables you to receive your mortgage billing notice 10-15 days sooner, and it provides verification that your most recent payment has been posted to your account.

A: You will have access to 12 months of mortgage statements within Mortgage Manager. See our Guide for How to Access Mortgage Statements.

A: There are several ways you can contact our Mortgage Servicing team about your mortgage loan.

By phone

Address for correspondence other than payments
Attn: Mortgage Servicing
PO Box 3788
Evansville, IN 47736

Payment address
PO Box 3789
Evansville, IN 47736

Address for notices of error
Old National Bank
Attn: Client Success
PO Box 143
Evansville, IN 47701

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